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How often should a piano be tuned?

Certainly any piano should be tuned at least once a year. If the piano is very out of tune, it may need to be gone over more than one time to make it sound really good. With the changes and temperature and humidity, the effects on your instrument will cause it to go out of tune. By having your piano tuned on a regular basses, your piano will sound good for most occasions.If you have a piano that gets lots of play, or has other problems such as: loose tuning pins, you may need to tune more often.

Churches, schools and music teachers. should have their pianos tuned in the spring and fall. It is best that a new piano be tuned three or four times a year for the first three years, and twice a year for the next three years, and once a year after that.

Some piano companies recommend tuning four times a year. Recording studios and concert folks have their pianos tuned before each session. Some times for concerts they will have a tuner standing by for any touch up tuning, or any other problems, like after sound check and intermission. If there is one good thing you can do for your piano, have it tuned on a regular basis.

We keep files on the pianos that I tune and we offer reminder service to help the customer. One of the best analogies for keeping your piano in tune is to compare an out of tune piano, to a book with misspelled words. If the student, young or old, learns on an out of tune piano that will become the norm and correctness will cease to exist. If the piano is kept in tune this will result in your playing enjoyment.

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