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Problems that might occur while tuning a piano:

Often we are asked to tune pianos that have not been maintained for many years. When this happens, extra effort must be made to return the instrument to standard pitch. Bruce makes every effort to inform the customer of these problems and the options available to them when a piano is below standard pitch, it needs to be tuned more than once to make it sound good. The first tuning brings the piano to standard pitch and the second refines the tuning and makes the piano more stable in tune.

Sometimes strings will break during the tuning process. When this happens often they can be replaced conveniently and at little expense. Other times strings have to be custom ordered and made special for that piano and can be quite costly.

Bruce makes every effort to treat your piano with care. Although it is rare, the cast iron plate or sometimes called the harp, that holds the tension can break. This is no fault of the technician and can even happen when the piano is not being tuned or played. If this should happen it renders the piano worthless, unless the piano is a very valuable instrument and worth the expense of repairing it.

Usually we have no problems while tuning, but the piano is not infallible, there is approximately 42,000 pounds of stress on the piano and has been designed to withstand the pressure. If you have your piano serviced regularly it will lesson the chance of bad things happening.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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